How a Ghanaian lady survived multiple surgeries, loss of a child at birth to be called to the bar


How a Ghanaian lady survived multiple surgeries, loss of a child at birth to be called to the bar

Madam “Lheedyah” Ewuresi Nugent has recounted a touching story about how she overcame daunting challenges while studying to become a lawyer, attributing her success in law school to the divine intervention of God.

Mrs Nugent disclosed how complications led her to be delivered of a baby ten days to her entrance examination. The baby was delivered through caesarean section. She sadly lost and was left grieving both from the emotional pain of the loss and the physical pain from the medical procedures.

Happily, she wrote the exam and passed.

Her predicament will continue a month to her first major exam at the University of Ghana School Of Law: She suddenly fell ill and was rushed to the hospital.

After much fumbling from some nurses, she was finally diagnosed with raptured ectopic pregnancy. He underwent a surgery to remove it at the Ridge Hospital. She received blood transfusion and other procedures done.

She has some two weeks to the exam. She wrote and passed.

Read full details of her inspiring stories here:

You only know my name; You don’t know my story… well here it is:

I’m extra when it comes to celebrations especially My Call to the bar because it wasn’t an easy journey….. i endured and experienced the most painful things I wouldn’t even wish on an enemy.

My experience in University of Ghana School of Law (UGSoL) was a mixture of fun, stress and all the regular student hustles. To think that was how it was going to be till the end of the race was an illusion on my part cos it seemed my hometown people were wearing Wellington boots (lol).

In my final year at UGSoL, I was with child and completed the year successfully. I was due to deliver somewhere in August 2018 and the “Makola” entrance exam was in July the same year. Since I had been able to complete the academic year I thought to myself, “this should be easy”. But the devil seemed to have other plans for me.

After the school year in May, my nightmare began. I attended my regular antenatal appointment only to be conveyed in an ambulance from Dansoman SNNIT Hospital to Mother & Child at Osu for a condition called Oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid around the baby). I spent the next couple of months in and out of the till 1st July, 2017 when I visited the doctors and had to undergo emergency Caesarean section (CS).

My little angel was born at 34 weeks at about 2am on the 2nd of July at the 37 Military Hospital and was immediately sent to the NICU. My husband, family and I were filled with so much joy because it had been a stressful couple of months. I was unable to see her that very day because I was in too much pain post surgery. I was shocked on the 3rd when I went into NICU and saw my baby with tubes in almost every hole in her body. I cried but still prayed to God for a miracle. Unfortunately she passed a day after (4th July). Mind you the “Makola” entrance exam was scheduled for the 14th of July.

I couldn’t deal with my emotions. Handling the loss of a baby was not an experience I even thought of. It was just one of those things you see in movies; but NO, there I was, grieving for the loss of a baby, a baby that seemed perfect at birth.

Where I gathered the strength to the pain, sadness, confusion and depression to prepare for the exam can only be answered by God. I’m grateful for my friends Ernest Agbesi, Nana Agyeman, Mary Addy, MzElorm Fugah, Kobby Afari Yeboah and Mina Buckman, who were by my side through it all. I had to write the exam a week after such a loss and pains from surgery and the most excruciating part of it all was answering the question, “When is our baby dropping?”, which was asked by almost every one I met. In the end I passed the Entrance exam and the interview.

By Gods Grace we pulled through part 1 of the struggle.

Fast forward to a month to the first set of exams in Makola which was made up of 6 papers. I had started preparing for exam and decided to stay with my mum for about a week. I remember that day so clearly because I know amazing people who celebrate their birthday the day before, Wednesday 11th April, 2018. I started having severe sharp tummy aches. My mum rushed me to the hospital and called my husband and sister Ewurama Nugent.

As I lay on the hospital bed, I started getting cold. I have no idea why I felt the need to ask for permission before I slept. My sister(a nurse) insisted I stay awake. As I lay there cold on the bed with my veins all collapsed, I could hear the nurses trying to get a vein for drip n passing the syringe on to each other as they did “try and error”. It was a case of ruptured ectopic pregnancy and I was bleeding internally.

I had to be transferred to Ridge hospital for an emergency surgery. At this point, I had given up! I prayed my last prayer and was ready for my last breathe as I stared death in the face. God’s immaculate mercy was on my side and the surgery was successful after 2 pints of blood and severance of my left Fallopian tube.

Recovery wasn’t easy but once again I had Makola exams in 2 weeks. I moved to campus to study and it wasn’t easy. Recovering from surgery and sitting down hours to study….smh….My friends Mary and Elorm(I love them die) who will dress my wound before we go to the library to study. Part 1 exams came and by His Grace, I passed all 6 papers.

In less than a year, I had undergone 2 major surgeries, survived and still powered through💪🏾

Another reason for all the EXTRA😜

After all the stress I had to travel out of the country for medical attention(just to be sure everything was fine) and returned a month to the second set of Makola exam made up of 4 papers. In fact it was already revision week Bu the time I returned. I had never attended a lecture and had no clue as to what the courses were about. The almighty Accounting was in this set. I studied day and night(I had no choice honestly).

This set even though tough was a relief to study for because for the first time in a really long time I was writing an exam as a healthy person and not someone who had just been under the knife.

I only sat for 3 out of the 4 papers because I had medical appointments to attend out of Ghana therefore deferred and opted to take the last paper, Advocacy as a supplementary.

By Gods Grace I passed all 4 papers including the supplementary. Indeed my target was to just get borderline grades and pass the exam so imagine my surprise when I actually had ‘A’s in some of the courses.

As my friend Nana will say, “As for you no one can convince you that there’s no God”.

The 4th of October 2019 was one of my happiest days. I was not only being called as a lawyer after surviving what I call, “the worst of worsts” but I was surrounded by family and friends who knew my story and appreciated my joy.

And so yes, I was EXTRA😜😜😜😜😜……… God’s favorite daughter was finally a Lawyer😊😊😊😊

My struggles kept me near the cross

My your troubles showed that I needed God

My battles ended the way they should

My bad days proved that God is good

INDEED, my whole life proves that GOD IS GOOD!!!

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